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Kuatro Design is a well-rounded design firm that collectively integrates furniture design, product design and custom interior design creating a unique product offering and scope of services to our clients.  Our award winning designs come from an intimate understanding of who our clients are, what they want and where they are taking their business. Whether your business is in the US, Australia or Asia, Kuatro Design worldwide services extend across all 3 continents.

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"If you're a creative professional, the Hive is where you want to be. No spotty internet or distractions from noisy coffee shops.  You get a clean, design-friendly space to get your stuff done and grow your business w/out breaking your wallet. Beyond having a sweet creative space, the upside is tremendous. Within three days, I was able to collaborate with other tenants, exchange fresh ideas and hired on several new projects. This is the future of entrepreneurship."

Dave B.