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Dynamic Visions International


Dot3 Studios

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Location: “Dot3 Studios – ‘We make pretty pictures, give us all your money…’




Xponential Growth Solutions

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There is a better way to retire than leaving it up to chance. So many relationships are built upon false promises and hidden agendas. Why not make the connection that counts? Xponential Growth Solutions is committed to finding the right match that every participant deserves.  By understanding your needs and utilizing industry-leading resources, Xponential’s matchmaking [...] Learn More

Graham Downes Architecture

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Graham Downes Architecture, Inc. was founded by international architect Graham Downes in 1994. The creative agency is known for providing innovative solutions for retail, hospitality, resort, entertainment and mixed-use projects. The firm’s recent focus and design acclaim has been for boutique hotels, cutting-edge restauarants, adaptive re-use projects and urban infill housing.

Visual Rhythm



Visual Rhythm creates beautiful logos and easy to use websites. Our work generates respect from clients, builds credibility and confidence, and helps businesses grow.

CASE I Cloud Accounting Services from Entrepreneurs

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Cloud Accounting S4E (CASE) is a solutions-driven team of accountants and financial professionals focused primarily on applications that play well with and the platform. From orders and billing to core general ledger, accounting transactions and financial reporting, CASE professionals are CPAs and accountants who speak your language, and insure that during implementations or [...] Learn More

Spotted Fox

_0002_Spotted Fox


Spotted Fox is a deal maker that puts your business in front of a huge audience. Unlike traditional advertising that requires you write a big check and hope for good results, ours is a no-risk solution. We help you craft an offer so compelling that anyone remotely interested in your business will give you a [...] Learn More

Warewolf Controls Inc.



Warewolf Controls specializes in complete custom software and hardware solutions for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  We are a full service company with mechanical engineering, industrial design, electronics, embedded software and App development, prototyping, manufacturing and testing capabilities. Leveraging the latest and most advanced technology, we can design unique and innovative products that help push the world [...] Learn More

Cesson 3.0



CESSON 3.0 is a marketing and training agency focusing on three critical areas for companies: Surfing the Social Media (marketing); Bridging the Generational Divide (working with four generations); and Navigating the New Normal (achieving success in the 21st century). In addition, the agency’s President and CEO, Philippe Cesson, is a keynote speaker for major international [...] Learn More

Kuatro Design

_0008_Kuatro Design


Kuatro Design is a well-rounded design firm that collectively integrates furniture design, product design and custom interior design creating a unique product offering and scope of services to our clients.  Our award winning designs come from an intimate understanding of who our clients are, what they want and where they are taking their business. Whether [...] Learn More

Tragic Media



Tragic Media is a cutting edge web development company. We specialize in front-end everything: from expertly coded Javascript applications and integrations to custom website and mobile themes. We are also experts at developing Drupal, Magento, and WordPress sites. We build visually stunning high-visibility websites for some of the biggest agencies in San Diego. And we [...] Learn More




Technetium, Inc., is an Information Technology services company founded in 2002 and based in San Diego, CA.  We are a full service hosting and IT services company.  But what we really do is solve problems, both physical and logical within the realm of Mid- to Enterprise level systems and data management both on and off [...] Learn More



Location: Estimize is a buy side and independent analyst estimates platform. The firm was founded in 2011 by former quantitative hedge fund analyst Leigh Drogen, with the belief that sell-side analysts are not correctly incented to provide accurate and unbiased earnings analysis due to inherent conflicts within the investment banking construct. By crowdsourcing estimates from [...] Learn More

Blokhaus Development



Blokhaus Development is a BLOKHAUS company engaged in urban real estate development.  Current endeavors focus on mixed-use projects on the fringes of downtown areas of San Diego and Las Vegas which are prime for redevelopment.  Developments involve innovative, contemporary solutions and may incorporate the adaptive re-use of existing industrial and commercial buildings, transforming these districts [...] Learn More

Axero Solutions



Axero Solutions builds social networking and business collaboration software.  Communifire, our flagship product, is an enterprise social networking and collaboration platform that unites your people, your data, and your applications.  Communifire makes it easy for you to set up a social network to collaborate with anyone inside or outside of your business.




"Love my office space at HiveHaus.  If you are looking for a co-shared space, come check out their downtown locations, you'll love it. Super nice creative energy in a lofty space.

They just set up an Entrepreneurial Center & will help provide guidance & workshops to get your company started. Super awesome."

Nazy P.